How to achieve high search engine visibility

Ensure all the HTML code is syntactically correct, and the minimum code is used to correctly display the page as needed. Minimising the code used minimises the probability that web crawlers become confused and give up attempting to index the page correctly.

p>It is preferable to enter HTML code directly from a code editor as this gives the best chance of "tight" code, rather than creating a web page using an automated code generator such as Microsoft Frontpage or even Microsoft Word.

HTML Page Title

For each page, the chosen keyword or phrase should be in the web pages <TITLE> attribute. Since the META description and META keywords tags have been given a low rating due to some webmasters abusing them. The HTML <TITLE> attribute is the most important HTML attribute on each web page.

Meta tags

Each optimised web page should contain the <META DESCRIPTION> and <META KEYWORDS> tags. Google now ignores these tags, as they are not displayed on the web page as they have, in the past, been abused by website creators. However other search engines still give some weight to their contents so they should be used.

HTML Hyperlinks

The text used in HTML hyperlinks, either standard text links, or the <ALT> text used in a graphic (if it's acting as a link) should be informative and aim to fit the pages keywords or phrase in the link if it's appropriate. Google especially rates hyperlink text very highly, believing it to often be more informative than the page the link is linking to.

The number of website pages

If at all possible have at least 20 website pages. Large web sites, i.e. those with many pages, are better than small ones, as each optimised web page potentially carries PageRank. However only add web pages that do not dilute the quality of others.

If a web page is of sufficient size to require the user to scroll through the content, consider splitting the page content amongst a number of website pages. We suggest that web page contains a maximum of 800 words, this improves the pages readability.


In a large website a JavaScript powered menu may be unavoidable. In this case ensure standard HTML links exist to each major section, and each major section provides standard HTML hypertext links to their Sub-sections, this is to ensure any web spider can crawl the entire web site.