How to Achieve High Search Engine Visibility

To achieve high search engine visibility it is vitally important to use the most effective keywords that describe the products you wish to sell, their advantages, and their common applications.

Use effective keywords that are relevant to the site content and to the page they are on.

If a web page is optimised for the wrong keywords, it might be possible to achieve high visibility for these, however if the keywords are not searched for regularly it must be regarded as a waste of time and effort.

The best keywords could be located by researching the keywords on your most visible major competitors websites. Assistance with this can be provided by a software program such as WordTracker.

Although search engines attempt to ensure a website contains a consistent theme, each website page can be thought of as a largely independent unit. Unless the website is promoting only one keyword or phrase, it is important that each optimised web page has its individual keywords researched and selected.

The position of keywords within the web page is noted, words appearing repeatedly near the beginning of a web page are given more importance, this is known as "keyword prominence". In consequence it is important that keywords or phrases appear near the beginning of any page, especially on page's containing a lot of text.

Ensure that the chosen keywords or phrases appear repeatedly on the visible text of the page, with the first occurrence near the top of the page. Although Google stores the complete text of any web page indexed, other search engines only store the first 200 or 250 words of each page.

The keyword should not be repeated too much as it looks odd or unnatural to human readers, but the number of times it appears is important, (this repeating of keywords or phrases is known as "keyword density").

If a search phrase of more than one word is used be aware of the proximity of keywords and attempt to keep keywords close to each other. If the term "Jaguar Cars" is searched for, any web pages containing the word "Jaguar" and the word "Cars" will be returned by the search engine. However if the word "Jaguar" appears at the beginning of the document and the term "Cars" appear at the end of the page, this page will be returned much further down the results pages than a page that contains the phrase "Jaguar Cars" or has the two words closer together. This is known as "keyword proximity".

The keyword or phrase on any web page is given greater importance if it appears in a different style at least once. Search engines award a heavier weighting factor for words emphasised on a web page. Rather than the standard text used on the rest of the page, ensure individual web page's keywords or phrases are displayed in bold or as a header tag, (<STRONG>keyword or phrase</STRONG> or <H1>keyword or phrase </H1> H1 to H6).