SEO Testimonials

"I have had websites before, and the website providers all said the same thing. How well the site was doing, getting loads of hits and many views. In reality it was rubbish, they really knew little about optimisation and without access to the control panel I could not see the figures for myself."

"We got very few enquiries from those sites, I myself was totally disillusioned with SEO and the internet until I met Phil Jarvis from Adept SEO. We actually live at opposite ends of the street and I had no idea what he did for a living. I had actually installed his windows years ago, but still had no idea what he did for a living."

"He mentioned my website one day while chatting, I told him I no longer had it and that I was totally disillusioned with the whole thing. While chatting he told me various facts about SEO, none of which I had heard before."

"We agreed that I would try again with Phil carrying out the SEO and myself providing the information and photos for the site. I would also own the domain name and have full access to the hosting which meant I could access my statistics anytime. Phil rejigged everything and put the website online, and within weeks I was getting solid enquiries."

"The more I grew the site the more response I was getting, I have to say i found it all pretty exciting and to this day it amazes me how much it has grown. The site is now getting more than 397,000 hits per year and over 140,000 page views."

"The site is now 3.5 years old and still growing. I try to add to it every week as I know my site is my future. This is the first January where I have worked the full month, and February is nearly booked now. My website has taken off big style and it really is down to Phil Jarvis."

"I keep a spreadsheet of my contracts and quotations and just as an example in January 2015 I have had over £150,000 of enquiries. A great start to the year and I have achieved a record of 2014 as well. So for a very small company the future is looking great."

"My statistics are there for all to see and if I could give any other firm large or small advice, it is this, make Adept SEO and Phil Jarvis your first call. I guarantee you will be impressed."

Dave Kendall, Dave Kendall Ltd

Dave currently has well over 1,000 page one, top ten results in which you can view for yourself (or download a .pdf file).