SEO Case Study

In less than a month since the first optimised pages uploaded. Page views up 2,800%
In less than four weeks since optimistion started Visitors to the site up 1,100%
A strong performance with a monthly average in the top 600,000 places. Alexa traffic rank up 4,193,489 places

global pageview up 2,800% global users up 1,100% Alexa traffic rank of 572,000, up 4.1 million

Redbrick Contracts are a building company near Leeds, West Yorkshire. They initially contacted us as their website, although two years old, was not ranking highly in the major search engines results and so was not generating enough leads for the company.

We were to use their existing design, but we could manipulate the text and graphics to ensure the relevant optimisation metrics were ideal to achieve top ranking results in the search engines results pages (SERPS).

May 2011, Google now returns over 250 top 10 results for the website. This website a short time ago was around the 8 millionth most visited website in the world and currently has a Google Page Rank of 0. Now the websites monthly Alexa traffic rank is around 572,000. How did we achieve this in such a short time?

We use our experience as software engineers to measure and recreate important metrics related to achieving exceptional SERPS. Being engineers, where other people guess, we prefer to measure, leading to consistent, high quality results.

As we use our unique optimisation software to measure the optimisation of all keyword phrases on optimised web pages, if you find an SEO provider with more, or better quality results than these, (shown below), please help us improve by emailing Phil the URL (web site address) showing the superior results to:

The software will never be perfect and even after years of development, I am always looking for superbly optimised pages to measure and possibly further refine the software.
Graph of February 2011