Adept SEO Case Study

March 14th existing website pages changed for optimised pages, results taken 28th March 2014

In exactly two weeks, from Friday 14 March until Friday 28th March 2014 the Newcastle Tiles and Adhesives website has went from zero top ten, page one results in to 166 top tens, with at least 29 pages one, number one results.

Newcastle Tiles and Adhesives has a showroom open to both the public and the trade at Kingston Park Newcastle upon Tyne. Although they had an existing website it was not optimised, and was therefore achieving little to benefit the company, with only a small trickle of visitors to the website.

We were asked for a solution and after some study decided that it would be better to scrap the existing pages and to start with a fresh design, which was chosen to look clean and modern, be fast to download and be straightforward to optimise.

Click this link to download the evidence of the page one positions: over 160 top 10 SERPS results achieved in fourteen days.  Right-click the link and choose "Save Link As..." to save the document to your computer.