Search Engine Optimisation / Digital Marketing Case Study

global users up 2,800% After proving the benefits of ranking highly for a large number of keyword phrases we are continuing to produce and upload more optimised web pages. Currently the site contains about 250 pages in the site producing over 1,000 top ten results and have at least 187 coveted page 1 position 1 results. It is are currently achieving between 28,000 - 38,000 hits per month, around 384,000 hits per year, outstanding for a one man business, targeting mainly local keyword phrases. This website is generating up to twelve enquires per day.

I am continuing to add gallery pages on a weekly basis as Dave has now saw the benefits that these pages bring. Gallery pages are ideal for SEO, as the photographs prove to the website visitor the quality of the workmanship that has been achieved, and because of the small amount of text, manipulating it to have the optimum metrics is a straightforward task.

As we use our unique optimisation software to measure the optimisation of all the targeted keyword phrases on optimised web pages.

If you find an SEO provider with more, or better quality results than these, please help us improve the accuracy of the software by emailing Phil the URL (web page address) showing the superior results to: I would appreciate it as I am always looking to refine the software as Google constantly make small adjustments to its algorithms to achieve better, more relevant results.

global users up 2,800% global page views up 2,500% Traffic rank world and UK
Global Reach up 2,800%
Page Views up 2,500%
Traffic Rank one month average 758,984,up 9,049,317 places
Traffic Rank three month moving average, 1,763,128
Traffic Rank (UK), 31,775


Dave Kendall is a time served joiner who has run a double glazing installation and repair business for over twenty years. In the past, the business has mainly been focussed on the usual services, replacement doors and windows, roofline products, garden rooms/ sunrooms and conservatories. He used to have a website on a slightly different domain name, but decided to upgrade to a more search engine friendly design, so kept the look of the old site, but the new site was built with high visibility from the search engines in mind from the start.

Alexa Traffic Rank 1 month 758,000 Another reason for this website was to advertise his skills and let new and existing customers know that he was keen to branch out and get more involved in traditional building work, home improvements, renovations, maintenance and alterations. As well as standard carpentry and joinery tasks.

As Dave Kendall works regularly with other tradesmen, usually plumbers and plasterers, he is already planning the next development phase of the website to display examples of his previous work, including multiple bathroom makeovers.

As can be seen, a little over six weeks after the site was launched, Alexa has it around 1.7 million in the world and with the one month average at 738,984, it should not be long before the three month average catches up and the site achieves a position in the top one million sites.

How is this achieved? Well initially the site is quite small, with only fourteen pages, including the usual pages that are difficult to optimise, like the contact-us, and about-us pages. The 'services' pages, such as double glazing installation, double glazing repairs, joinery services, building services, renovations and repairs are all optimised to a high level and specifically targeted at the local (Newcastle upon Tyne) area. Each page is very focussed on its individual subject.

People often ask "how long does the initial SEO work take, until noticable results are achieved?" I plan to create a page showing the progress of this website, as it was started with a brand new domain name, with no incoming links and no Google Page Rank. Suffice to say that after six weeks, the results are settling down, so if you are not getting first page positions after this time, it is time to start asking questions or conceiving a different strategy, maybe targeting slightly easier keyword phrases.

Updated SEO Results

The latest results show over 1,000 top 10, page 1 results, currently the site is still growing and additional optimised pages are being added, leading to an ever growing number of top ranking search results. The updated results can be downloaded in this PDF document over 1,000 top 10 SERPS results.   Right-click the link and choose "Save Link As..." to save the document to your computer.