Adept Digital Marketing Newcastle - Case Study

Three months after the sites keywords were refocused to target a UK audience

digital marketing agency Newcastle Background
The Attic Heat Harvester website was setup by John Perkin to take advantage of a simple concept. The air in an attic heats up when the sun shines on the external tiles and using simple pipework, a fan and a electronic differential temperature controller it is inexpensive to harvest this heat to warm rooms in a home below. This can be achieved for little more than the the cost of running a 60Watt fan. When the temperature of the air in the attic is hotter than the temperature in the room to heated the fan is actived, effectively sucking the hot air into the room to be heated.

The largest audience for this concept was researched and found to be the USA, so we targeted phrases that were specifically focussed at the American market. This proved successful and within a few months an American agent signed up to distribute the systems, but demanded exclusive rights in the USA. Planning to target the USA was a large reason in using a .com domain, rather than a

Realising that the website should now target the UK and the 'rest of the world' we went through the site looking for words and phrases originally targeting the USA market and then re-optimised the individual pages to read more naturally to a UK and a world wide audience. Within Google Analytics there is an option to inform Google which country any website is targeting and we made sure to change this from the USA to the UK.

The website currenty has 78 pages and on the 24th October these achieved over 180 page one, top ten, search engine results using and "Country: the UK". The latest results can be downloaded in this PDF document 181 top 10 SERPS results.  Right-click the link and choose "Save Link As..." to save the document to your computer.

Achieving multiple top ten SERPS (search engine results) for a website might be a straightforward process for us but we have had years studying digital marketing, and specifically Google. If you are after digital marketing Newcastle upon Tyne, the North East, the UK or anywhere else, if your website text has been written in English, we have the knowledge and experience to get it noticed, either locally, nationally or world wide.