Worldwide Results from our SEO Efforts

In January 2007 I asked Adept SEO to optimise my proposed web site at to maximise it's visibility on This web site initially gave practical advice and statistical information on UK energy use to UK home owners on how they can dramatically reduce their home energy and water use and therefore the cost of these services.

To make the web site effective at reducing the threat of global warming it is important that it is seen by as many people as possible throughout the world. However environmental aspects are growing in popularity so there is considerable competition for high page rankings of the keywords and phrases on the worlds major search engines. As more than 97% of clicks by those searching the internet are made on page 1 achieving a high position is imperative.

The average number of search results returned by Google for the 24 main keywords and phrases of was 614,417 in March 2007, this figure significantly increased by November 2007.

Initially Adept SEO gave me advice on the web site size, content and internal organisation, I followed this as far as was practical. Adept-SEO performed the numerous other task required to ensure maximum search engine visibility.

The UK web site shell was uploaded to the internet on March 9th 2007 before all site pages and content had been completed. The completed web site as uploaded on April 5 2007.

Can we save the world chart In July 2007 the web site was extended to include statistics and practical advice for residents of the USA, this resulted in the addition of more pages, and more keywords and phrases. Between April and November 2007 other mostly minor changes have been made by Adept-SEO to increase the web site visibility.

In order to check the visibility of the web site on I performed frequent searches in the top 100 search results for each on the web sites main keywords and key phrases, and logged the positions achieved.

By late April 2007 a quarter (25%), or 6 of the 24 keywords and phrases, had achieved Page 1 status. By late May this figure had risen to 38% but by Mid June it had dropped back to 25%. By Late June however 54% were on page, this good visibility has since been maintained.

The chart also shows Page 2, Pages 3 to 10, and the total visibility in the first 10 pages of, the later shows that more than 70% of's 24 keywords and phrases are in the first 100 results.