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Why do some SEO consultants advertise themselves as specialist Google consultants? Currently Google has the largest market share and achieving good positions in the Google search engine SERPS (search engine results pages) is usually the goal of most SEO campaigns, not just Google consultants.

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Google consultants should, after investigation, arrive at a strategy to get your website ranking highly for multiple relevant search phrases. Experienced Google consultants will be able to display past results, proving they can deliver on their promises. Feel free to compare our results with others, and then get in touch, to see what professional and experienced SEO consultants can do for you.

After recommendation from our SEO Strategist, we recently increased a customers page views by over 20,000%. These are the sort of returns it is possible to get using professional Google consultants with the necessary search engine optimisation experience.

See some of the SERPS we have achieved.

Newcastle SEO Strategist

Why does any business need the services of an Newcastle SEO strategist?

With the number of websites growing, the importance of multiple high ranking SERPS positions in the major search engines is of increasing importance and the chances of achieving these by accident is diminishing. An experienced SEO strategist will be able to devise a unique strategy for your website.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing), are both related to getting more visitors to your site, usually the more visitors you achieve, the greater sales and brand awareness your website will achieve.

We have unique software that allows us to quickly find out how well each of the web pages on your current site are optimised. Those that are not optimised correctly have little chance of appearing in the top 20 results from any major search engine, and these organic results have been proved to be the best way to attract new visitors to any website.

As specialist Google consultants and SEO strategist our usual target search engine is Google as it is by far the dominant search engine.

Newcastle Search Engine Optimisation

If you can't be found in the first two pages returned by Google, for generic search terms relating to your website, then you are misssing out on a substantial number of visitors. By implementing recommendations from our Newcastle SEO strategist on your site, your site will receive a large amount of extra visitors. Results prove that the majority of website visitors are achieved as a result of being rated highly on the search engines results pages. An SEO strategist can suggest and implement changes to a website that increases website visitor numbers.

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